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Artusi's Celebration

Festa Artusiana

From 6/22/19 to 6/30/19

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The desire of seeking tastes is recreated in Forlimpopoli - Artusi’s hometown - every second-last Saturday of June for nine consecutive days during the Artusi Celebration. Organized since 1997, it is a way to quench our curiosity to know the details of that domestic place too often left aside because of our everyday hurrying up.

Eavesdropping the words of those ones working among scented vegetables, meats, pans, getting some ideas to surprise our own pleasure to experiment ourselves at the fires. Then, in the magical atmosphere of a town disguised as a cook, catching any perfume to fix it in the memory, finding our past or enriching our future.

The program is vast and the opportunities allow everybody to taste what is the most appreciated by his/her own palate, or to dare trying an unknown morsel: kitchen, music, theatre, dance, tasting, markets, Artusi’s prizes, scientific meeting, there are  plenty of choices for everybody!

There is a dream living inside the feast; Artusi’s House, the starting point of our journey and the final aim to reach.

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From 6/22/19 to 6/30/19
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