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Casola è una favola

Casola is a fairy tale

From 7/20/19 to 8/18/19

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Theater, music, night walks, paths in the woods. This is "Casola is a fairy tale", one of the historical cultural manifestations of the Emilia Romagna Region.

A game in search of stories, and fables to tell as in the squares as in the hidden corners. Many events scheduled every year, with the common thread of the rediscovery and the telling of stories and ancient places of the popular tradition.

In this 2019 there will be three weekends: 20-21 July, 26-27-28 July, 2-3-4 August, plus one night (10 August) and one sunrise (18 August).

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Intertwined nocturnal and diurnal stories:
at the edge of the forest with Alice and the moon in the well - 28 July - Parco del Cardello
in the courtyards of private homes 27 July - The night of the Fairytales
in abandoned places 20 July - 2 - 4 August - Who's afraid of the dark
on top of the mountains 10 and 18 August - 10, a tribute concert to Lucio Dalla, while 18, the dawn of the stories
in the garden of Erbe August 3 - Il Giardino di Traverso
in the sacred cloister of the Abbey of Valsenio 27 July - The rule of the moonai margini del bosco con Alice e la luna nel pozzo – 28 luglio – Parco del Cardello

New this year, the lunar walks with the writer Cristiano Cavina.

Who's afraid of the dark? Three abandoned places.
Three journeys in the archetypal figures of the tale of fear; the specter, the monster, the demon.
The evenings will take place on 20 July and 2 to 4 August (meeting point at the Municipal Library of Casola Valsenio at 10.30 pm)

Saturday, July 27 the Night of Fairy Tales, an evening in which the country will turn into a single large open-air stage: courtyards, terraces, squares, alleys will be invaded by folk tales, historical and real life that belonged to indefinable times. Protagonists: actors and storytellers from all over Italy, but also real "romagnoli" characters and all those who participated in the art-telling course of oral tradition. And the public can also actively participate by experimenting with the art of telling stories.
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From 7/20/19 to 8/18/19

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