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Saint Paterniano Religious festivals


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The ancient Feast of the Patron Saint of Cervia, San Paterniano, is back, an opportunity to rediscover the various souls that make up the community of Cervia and rediscover traditions that are in danger of being lost.

The Patron (legal term used to refer to the defending lawyer) is the Saint who defends in the final judgment, and not only: he intervenes to defend and protect; in the sacred images, the patrons hold on their hands, or have at their feet, the city they protect and are considered to be the spiritual founders. A city sees in the patron saint the model to be imitated, the protector to be invoked against adversity, so that he can assert his intercession before God, and the defender against spiritual and material dangers.
Thus over the centuries the Church has continued to propose and remember the feast of the Patron Saint as not only a religious but also a civil moment; the latter aspect has also been reflected in the Statute of the Municipality which, in Art. 3 c. 7 (*), reminds all the people of Cervia of the Patron Saint of the City.

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