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Romagna Osteria

A Senses Journey

A chefs group, new lymph for cuisine, occasions for meeting people, discovering places, having fun and growing our habitat's culture, in the place we live and which belongs to us.
Romagna Osteria is a food and sense journey in the secret of the views and the magic of Romagna.

Romagna Osteria is the venture that wants to "bring the good in the beautiful through the territory's best chefs' cuisine"; to let people live with every sense - landscapes, history, culture and cuisine - places outside the usual routes, where it's possible to build discovering experiences and touristic packets.

Furthermore, Romagna Osteria chose to pursue a goal linked to very susceptible topic nowadays: going plastic free within 2023, working together with the Association "Basta Plastica in Mare!" (no more plastic in the sea)

Following the success of 2018, we're kicking off the 2019/2020 edition, taking place along 12 months!

Here is a preview of the stops scheduled:

Friday 24th May: "Una ungiornata Particolare" in Colonia Bolognese

Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th Giugno: "Ci se?! Un paese a ferro e cuoco" in Riccione

Friday 12th July: "La Romagna, Visioni dall'Alto" in Torriana

Friday 2nd August"MariaStella Marchesa di Modigliana, l’affascinante storia di un baratto” in Modigliana, Piazza Pretorio

Friday 30th August: "Attracchi Leonardeschi" in Cesenatico, Museo della Marineria

Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th September: "Purazi doni" in Rimini, Vecchia Pescheria

Friday 18th October: "Nella Culla della Civiltà" in Ravenna, Museo Classis

Friday 15th November: "Sussurri di Storia e Poesia" in Pennabilli

Thursday 19th December: "La Dolce Vita Riminese" in Rimini

Friday 28th February 2020: "Cesena la Malatestiana" in Cesena, Palazzo del Capitano - Sala del Ridotto

Friday 27th March 2020: "Panorami, Squarci e Antiche Pietre" in Verucchio

Friday 17th April 2020: "Valconca, Paesaggi di Primavera Musicale" in Mondaino

Friday 15th May 2020: "San Leo Capitale dei Borghi d'Italia" in San Leo

Soon the packets hotel + dinner will be online and you can book them right here!

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