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Four Elements on Mt. San Bartolo


The woods and the coast with living cliff (earth), the sea (water), the breathtaking panoramas (air), the suggestive hamlets and the sun (fire) characterize this excursion, that ideally unifies the four elements.
A very fascinating outing in Mount San Bartolo's natural Park, a to-be-discovered gem. Many have heard of its beauty or have been in one of its most popular beaches, but few know the pathways to fantastic foreshortenings deepened in the sea's deep blue and the earth's yellow.
The rest of the protected territory is made of the rural landscape which, until the Fifties, was farmed even in points unthinkable today, because of the earth steepness and the sea closeness.
The cliff is dominated by ancient, historic medieval centers, including small wonders as Casteldimezzo and Fiorenzuola, which will be visited during this excursion.
From Fiorenzuola, final downhill to visit the typical beach and return to the hamlet.

This experience includes:
● e-bike rent
● local hiking guide for half day
● 1 taste in a farmhouse
● 1 night with half board service in a hotel on the Adriatic Coast
● beverages at meals

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