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Club Italy Spa Wellness

Uzdrowiska Emilia Romagna

The Spas of Emilia Romagna are the ideal location for body, mind and spiritual wellness.

The benefits of the thermal springs are enhanced by highly professional staff, the welcoming smiles and the hospitality of the people!

Italy Spa Wellness’ offers can be divided in four themes:


·         Spa & Dolcevita: the passion for a pleasant lifestyle, that you can experience and enjoy in every corner of this territory. Fanciful travel solutions which will provide you with the opportunity to discover the gems of this territory and live yourself the authentic “lifestyle made in Emilia Romagna”.

·         Spa & Slow Tourism: Emilia Romagna is the ideal territory to be discovered slowly, on foot or by bike. You can have a walk surrounded by romantic and enchanting landscapes, from the countryside to the seaside, from the smooth hills in Emilia to the peaks of the Apennines between Romagna and Tuscany – or in the small villages and the fascinating art cities.

·         Spa & Food: the Spas in Emilia Romagna combine the best thermal treatments with the pleasure of tasting the local delicacies, including 41 PGI and PDO which give way to the culture of the cuisine of this territory.

·         Wellness Water Experience: these Spas’ waters are rich in therapeutic properties which make it a treasure of health, wellness and beauty. The water dates back thousands of years and its benefits have been known and appreciated since ancient times. The health components of this water are easily integrated by the body and the natural properties activate the regenerating processes.

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