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Italia in Miniatura - Rimini

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Since its opening in 1970 Italia in Miniatura is an essential stop for anyone who spends a holiday in the Rimini area. This year the thematic park with Italy in its heart opens again with a new dress, even more beautiful and detailed!
The realistic reproduction of the “Boot” with its islands hosts more than 270 scaled monuments and more than 100 famous squares, recreated in every little detail and surrounded by 5000 real toy trees.
Here you can visit Italy walking from Sicily to the Alps, crossing a wonderland where you can find history, art, cartoons, toy orchestras that play for real, moving building sites, turning bridges and fast trains that travel all around the Country.
You can still find the emotions of the different park’s attractions: from Venice, where you surf on the Canal Grande to Saint Mark’s Square, to the Monotrack that travels in the air, to Pinocchio, where you can deep yourself in the most famous Italian fairytale, crossing by train all the chapters of the story!
This park offers emotions and fun for all: the most adventurous can choose the rapids of the Old Sawmill, the Panoramic Tower and the medieval sieges of Cannonacqua; the curious ones can visit Experimentia-the Science Luna Park, the mini cars of the Interactive Driving School, the Walking Walls, the Sound Machines, and the parrots of Pappamondo!


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