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Covid-informacje dla podróżujących
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Romantic picnic at sunset

Guided Tours
Walking in nature, watching the sunset over the sea from the Valmarecchia hills , enjoying a picnic with a magical atmosphere, sipping a glass of wine or a craft beer, until you find yourself under a starry sky ... If you want to spend an intimate evening, away from the chaos of the coast, this is the experience for you. The excursion includes the presence of an environmental-hiking guide exclusively for the group, who will tell local stories and legends related to the natural landscape. The route will be agreed and adapted according to the needs of the participants.

Fee:      € 150 for a couple (2 people)
             € 260 for two couples (4 people)
             € 330 for three couples (6 people)
Timetable: 5 pm
Where: Meeting Area Campana SP14, 47, antarcangelo di Romagna RN
Minimum of Participants: 2 people
Language: Italian, English and German


  • Walk in Nature
  • tasting of local products (cured meats, cheeses, vegetable side dish, bread, fruit and Romagna donut, water, 1 bottle of your choice: Sangiovese wine, prosecco, craft beer)
  • Tour by Itineraris
  • Visit with a local guide
  • Walking excursion
  • Transport not included
  • Duration about 4 hours
  • Equipment required: hiking boots or shoes with sculpted soles, backpack, layered clothing, sweatshirt and waterproof jacket for the evening, change of t-shirt, water bottle (at least 1 liter per person).


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