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Fluxo - Outdoor Training

Nature & Wellness

Thinking of doing outdoor training in front of the two-thousand-year-old bridge or in front of the sea? In Rimini you can with Fluxo instructors who will accompany you to discover the body and its possibilities of movement, thanks to which you will improve your psycho-physical condition and quality of life.
Thanks to 3 training programs (High, Medium or Low intensity) you can:
- reach and exceed your limits
- achieve psycho-physical well-being
- regain the psycho-physical balance without subjecting your body to excessive effort.
You can choose among the following disciplines: Power Yoga, Meditation, Functional Training, Handstand, Mobility, Capoeira, Postural Gymnastics.
You can choose between daily lessons or weekly packages.
So! Mens healthy in healthy body!

Single lesson € 7 per person
Weekly € 20 per person - 4 lessons for one person in the same week or up to 4 people in the same day

When: from Monday to Thursday
Where: Ponte di Tiberio Piazza sull'acqua, Santarcangelo e Poggio Torriana
Language: Italian, English, French, German



  • Outdoor training by Fluxo
  • Transport not included
  • Lesson duration: 1 hour
  • Mat: not included
  • Recommended gym wear

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