Covid- informacje dla podróżujących
Covid-informacje dla podróżujących
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From Cervia to Sant'Apolinare in Classe Cathedral in Ravenna by bike

Outdoor Activities

From the city of Cervia to Sant'Apollinare in Classe Cathedral in Ravenna by bike.

A guided tour through the pinewood and Ortazzo Valley and Ortazzino, until the beautiful Cathedral. A fantastic experience among history and nature along 40 km in plain (round trip).
Besides the bike tour, a visit to Sant'Apollinare Cathedral, inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List from 1996.

Every WEDNESDAY guided tour from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.  (Min. 8 people)

The price is € 26,00 per person
The price includes:

  • The guide
  • The ticket for the visit of the Cathedral
For information:
Cervia Bike Tourism
Via Evangelisti 4 – 48015 Cervia
+39 0544 916280 / +39 0544 72424

Safe Tours
  • The use of the protective mask is mandatory for all visitors aged 6 years and over
  • It is obligatory to always keep a distance of at least one metre from other people who do not belong to your household.
  • Booking and online purchase is strongly recommended.
  • One person can enter the Tourist Information Office one at a time at a time, after having put on the mask and sanitized his hands by means of a special gel dispenser at the entrance.
  • In case of illness, we ask to stay home. If you have booked for a date or time when you can no longer participate, you can contact the Tourist Information Office of Cervia to change your booking on +39 0544 974400 or by e-mail every day from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm.
40 km by bike between history and nature until Sant'Apollinare in Classe Cathedral
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