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The Rocche di Caterina - ROCCA DI RIOLO TERME

Guided Tours

Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 May is dedicated to the discovery of the Rocche di Caterina, a fascinating tour of the four Sforza castles of Bagnara di Romagna, Dozza, Imola and Riolo Terme, organized by IF Imola Faenza Tourism Company in collaboration with the four municipalities involved.


Of arms and battles at Catherine's court
In October 1504, the castro of Riolo, the last stronghold to fight at the cry of "Now and forever Caterina Sforza", succumbs to the ferocious army of Giovanni Sassatelli known as the "cagnaccio". On Riolo there was never a sadder dawn than that of 14 October 1504. Caterina Sforza in person will take you to the places of the battle, telling you about her origins as a warrior lineage and her indomitable and modern nature. During the visit, children can dress up as ladies and knights and adults try on pieces of armor.

Saturday 21 May: afternoon 15.30 and 18.00
Sunday 22 May: morning 10.30 - afternoon 15.30
Reservations required by 4.00 pm on Friday 20 May


Fortress of Riolo Terme
Piazza Ivo Mazzanti
48025 Riolo Terme (RA)




Full 10 Euro
Reduced (11-16 years) 6 Euros
Free from 0 to 10 years


Guided tour.

Keep your ticket for one of the guided tours scheduled for 21 and 22 May and you will be entitled to reduced rate access to one of the
Rocche di Caterina until 31.12.2022

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