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Cities Of Art

Emilia Romagna’s art heritage will leave you speechless!

Since the dawn of man, artistic expression has become a necessity. Art makes our lives noble, it makes pleasant and fascinating what would otherwise be just “useful”, and art gives us the opportunity to experience unique emotions.

Not only that: but art is a powerful medium that characterises different historical eras. Art can take us back in time - even centuries, and great pleasure can be taken from observing and studying different forms of art through the ages.

Emilia Romagna has had the good fortune to see many of the so-called cities of art flourish on its territory. These are places where architectural masterpieces, paintings, sculptures and unique heritage sites have flourished, such as the famous mosaics of Ravenna.

It is almost essential to visit at least one of the region’s renowned UNESCO sites and monuments, its exhibitions and museums, villages and castles, whilst passing through Emilia Romagna.

There are also many workshops to learn art that are available for visitors... so make sure to keep some time for those on any visit to this region!

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Emilia Romagna: land to discover
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